From the Dean



Dear friends,                       

   Trnava University reflects the ideas
   of its founding fathers  in the  17th
   century   to   open  an   Institution
   where    liberty    of    thought    is
   protected  and where  knowledge
   is  a privilege. With these ideas in
   mind  after  the fall  of totalitarian
   regime  in  Czechoslovakia   the 
   University was reopened and over
   the years it has become the  most
   successful  University   in   human
   sciences  in Slovakia.                         

   The city of Trnava with its historical
   centre, parks and cafés offers a friendly
   youthful atmosphere which is so typical
   for University towns in Europe making
   the studies even more enjoyable.

The law faculty has been the top law faculty in Slovakia for 4 consecutive years what makes the faculty one of the most developed and modern in Central Europe. Seeing the high potential of the faculty, integrated Europe and the opportunities of the globalised world of economics, the law faculty of Trnava University is spreading its international cooperation within all levels of academic life such as international exchange of students, lecturers or organisation of international conferences and other events.

As a member of the Erasmus programme the faculty welcomes a number of students from various European countries and beyond e.g. Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Georgia, Belarus or Russia. We also motivate our students to get as much international experiences as possible with the intention to become successful competitors in the current market after their graduation. The faculty also motivates our students to many extra curriculum activities as sports, arts or common hiking trips to nearby Carpathian foothills. International experiences, practises of other professional backgrounds and alumni gatherings do not only enrich our academia but also help us to see our faculty as a community, community of open minded people who see law and justice as an instrument for better functioning societies of today and in the future.

On behalf of the faculty I would like to invite you to visit our institution and to experience the atmosphere of this Central European town by yourself, to discuss with our highly qualified lecturers and to become a valuable member of our community.


Dr. Róbert Dobrovodský, LL.M. (Tübingen)

Vice Dean for International Relations of the Law Faculty of Trnava University, Slovakia

Kollárova 10

918 43 Trnava, Slovakia

e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it