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The Department of Legal History of the Law Faculty of the University of Trnava in Trnava is a scientific and educational department focused on teaching and research in the field of Slovak and world legal history. The aim of legal history is not only to capture the state and legal institutions existing in the past, but also to reveal their various effects on subsequent and current political and legal development of Slovakia, Europe and certain other areas outside Europe and to provide important historical and theoretical fundamental knowledge of individual branches of current positive (public and private) law.

Department of Legal History offers the following courses:

Compulsory subjects:

History of Law in Slovakia I and II (taught in the first year of Bachelor studies)

Methodology of Scientific Work (taught in the second year of Bachelor studies)

Selective compulsory subjects:

World Legal History I and II (taught in the first year of Bachelor studies)

Rights in Rem and Law of Obligations in Slovakia in the Middle Ages and Modern Era (taught in the first year of Bachelor studies)

Sources of Law in Slovakia in Historical Perspective (taught in the first year of Bachelor studies)

Methodological Practice in History of State and Law I and II (taught in the second and third year of Bachelor studies)

Optional subject:

Legal History of Pre-Columbian America (taught in the first year of Bachelor studies). In case of interest, the course is taught in Spanish (Historia del derecho de América precolombina).

Besides the courses mentioned above, the Department prepares legal history textbooks in Slovak and English, in accordance with current requirements concerning university textbooks, and tutors and provides opponent opinions on Bachelor and Master theses in legal history.

Within the framework of their scientific and research activities, the Department members solve scientific problems falling within the scope of their professional focus, mostly in grant projects, publish the results of their research in studies and monographs, participate in study and research stays in Slovakia and abroad and take an active part in scientific conferences in Slovakia and abroad. In the field of legal history in Slovakia, research has been recently focused on history of private law and implementation of a long-term project of publishing sources concerning legal history of Slovakia, supported by the grant system of the Slovak Republic.