Profile of the Department


The scientific and pedagogical profile of the Department

Department of Civil and Commercial Law provides teaching compulsory, elective and optional courses in Slovak, German, English and French. Members of the department are actively involved in the preparation of textbooks and other materials for the preparation of students.

In addition to teaching, the department focuses their work in research.

The department handles many research projects. Its members are actively involved in international scientific cooperation and research (SGECC, ELIA, SECOLA) and international lectures.

Members of the department regularly publish the results of their scientific research in domestic and foreign professional journals. Almost every year, the department organizes international scientific conferences, which publish results in peer-reviewed collections (international forum on recodification of private law V4 2008, guest speakers Professor L. Vékas, Professor K. Elias, dr. Wieviorowska; international forum on European private law, the guest speaker professor J.M. Smits 2009, meeting of Slovak and Czech departments of and many others).

Department staff are actively involved in the legislative process, among other things, they participate in the recodification of the Civil Code.