Department of labor law and social security law



Department of labour and social security law provides teaching of the following curriculum:

Labour Law (in slovak)
International and European Labour Law
Social security law
International and European social security law
Labour Law (slovak labour law in english)
Social protection of students
Medical law

In addition to teaching compulsory, elective and optional courses the Department focuses its work in basic research.


Since the resumption of the faculty in 1998, annually addresses more basic scientific research projects. In previous years, members of the department were also involved in the resolution of international research projects.

Almost every year the Department organizes international scientific conferences,which publishes results in peer-reviewed anthologies.

Department of labor and social security law is also known as a high number of PhD. students in full-time and part-time.

Faculty of Law at University of Trnava has a degree in labor law for the habilitation procedure and procedure for designating "Professor".

Research activities of the Department in previous years, documenting the following grants and foreign scientific research projects.

Research projects and grants addressed the Department of labor law and social security (in Slovak)