Profile of the Department


Department of Legal Propaedeutics

The Department of Legal Propaedeutics is the integral part of the structure of departments on the Low Faculty of Trnava University in Trnava. It participates in the comprehensive education of the students. Its mission is to prepare the students for any lawyers work in the different spheres of the social relations. The Department focuses on the area of ​​the social sciences, which develop the lawyers’ ability to work successfully and effectively with people and understand the sphere of economic and legal relationships. The Department currently runs the following subjects: Social Psychology for lawyers, Legal Rhetoric, Diplomatic Protocol. Very interesting is also the offer of the economic subjects taught in the Slovak language: General Economic Theory, Economics for Lawyers, Elements of Business Management, Elements of Personal Management and Communication in Management.

The Department of Legal Propaedeutics cooperates with the Department of Criminal law and Criminology. It provides the education of these subjects: Forensic Psychology, Criminology and Penology. Within the framework of this relation The Department of Legal Propaedeutics participated on criminological and criminal research. It was the principal investigator of grant VEGA “Economic criminality in Slovak Republic“ from 2008 to 2010. Nowadays the Department participates in investigation of grant  “Criminal liability of legal entities in Slovak Republic“ in cooperation with The Department of Criminal law and Criminology.

The Department of Legal Propaedeutics provides not only the subjects which support the education of Criminal Law, but also other legal subject: Civil Law, Administrative Law, Financial Law, Bussiness Law, International Law, European Law, Law of the Intellectual Property etc. This department also prepares to provide the education in foreign languages, namely Elements of Economics and Elements of Management.


prof. PhDr. Gustáv Dianiška, CSc.