Profile of the Department


The department of administrative, environmental and financial law is a part of the internal structure of the University of Trnava, Faculty of Law. It actively contributes to the training and education of the students in the bachelor level of the university studies in the branch of study - law. Through the learning process it provides a number of subjects that help the students to develop their skills and knowledge acquired during the first three years of their studies at the Faculty.

In the subjects of administrative law the students have the opportunity to become familiar with the basic aspects of the construction and operation of public administration. In the four semesters of teaching the knowledge of substantive administrative law and procedural administrative law is passed on the students. The issue of substantive law is purposefully complemented by knowledge of ongoing processes in the field public administration. The Interest of these subjects is primarily directed at the public sector organizations, bodies of administrative law and public administration entities, administrative acts, but also the issue of administrative liability. The matter of the procedural administrative law is focused on the legal regulation of the decision-making on the rights, legally protected interests and obligations of natural and legal persons in the sphere of public administration.

Relations arising in connection with the accumulation of funds to government and other public financial budgets, and redistributing them to use public funds to ensure the needs and functions of the state, municipalities and other public bodies are the essential features of the subjects of financial law.

Intra the comprehensive seminars on administrative law, the department teachers are focused on the recaps of the key themes of substantive administrative law and the procedural administrative law. Selection of subjects is mainly conditioned by the current legislative changes in legal regulation and it should provide the recap of acquired knowledge before passing the state examination in the subject of administrative law.

Passing the mentioned subjects in the program of study is obligatory. Except these subjects the students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge of the contents of the Slovak legislation of environmental protection. Subject of environmental law is designed for the students who are interested in providing the legal services to the third sector, large industrial enterprises, businesses, or specializing in the consumer protection or in work in public administration after graduation.

The voluntary subject - EC Environmental law aims to familiarize the students with the legal principles of European union environmental law and the requirements of EU legislation in environmental protection, which is very closely linked to business and trade.

The subject substantive administrative law III uses the method of e-learning for the teaching. The course presents an interactive way to acquaint the students who already have knowledge of substantive and procedural administrative law, with the regulation of activities of public administration. Subject is performed through the distance method, which replaces the direct student - teacher contact with communication through means based on the use of computer networks. An exception is the initial meeting with the teacher's presence, socalled the tutorial and the final exam. This voluntary subject is intended for those interested in an actively managed self-education and also for those, who have access to internet and email and are interested in the work with the web.

In addition to the teaching activities the department is developing a number of activities in science and research, mainly expressed in scientific projects VEGA. In 2008 the department was successful organizer of scientific conference, the Council of Europe and the environment. In 2011 the department was successful organizer of scientific conference, the Administrative justice and its developmental aspects. The Members of the department actively participate in scientific events held in Slovakia, in the Czech Republic and in Poland. They are regular contributors to professional legal journals, but also the authors of several monographs.