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Department of Theory of Law

Members of the Department deal with research and education of general issues of state and law. Theory of state and law is distinguished from other legal disciplines mainly by its method of research: theory is characteristic by its higher level of abstraction which seperates marginal properties of a research issue and underlines those properties which are essential. In contrast with other legal-dogmatic sciences the theory of law remains intact by the famous saying of von Krichmann: "Three lawgiver’s words amending some statute are sufficient to make all legal libraries become volumes of useless paper."

Educational activity of the Department is focused mainly on the first grade of bachelor studies. Here the Department provides teaching of compulsory subjects called Theory of Law I and II. In order to pass these subjects students need to adopt basic general view of functioning legal system, of its system of division, of its creation and application and so on. Beside that the Department offers optional subjects for students of higher grades and higher study program (see more in section "Educational subjects").

Current department’s research activity is focused on actual problems of application of law in the context of globalisation and unification (see more in section "Scientific activities").