Profile of the Department

The Department of Criminal Law and Criminology is integral part of the department structure of Legal Faculty of Trnava University in Trnava, Slovakia that participates in education and preparation of students for them future legal professions. Members of Department provide the teaching of subject especially from the branch of the public law, e. g. Criminal Substantive Law and Criminal Procedure Law, but they also teach following scientific disciplines, e. g. Criminology, Criminalistics and Forensic Medicine. Besides of providing the theoretical knowledge, which is the base of future expert profiles of graduates, the Department tries to give for students some practical aspects of the criminal law, especially the criminal proceeding, which they can obtain within the subject “Proving in the Criminal Procedure”. The Department of Criminal Law and Criminology participates not only in legal education, but it tries to lead students to basic ethic ideas that are connected with their future legal professions.

Members of The Department of Criminal Law and Criminology are significant experts in branch of the criminal law and they actively participate in international scientific conferences that are organized at home and abroad. Besides of it they participate in solving of many scientific projects. In years from 2008 to 2009, there were solved two VEGA projects on the Department, first of them with the title: “Guarantees of procedural rights in the criminal procedure within the legal connection of subjects of European Union” and the second one with the title: “The Harmonization of Procedural Rights in the Criminal Procedures in Member States of European Union”. At the present time The Department of Criminal Law and Criminology is cooperating with The Department of International Law and European Law for solving the VEGA project with title: “The International Law and its Influence for the Law of Slovak Republic” and with The Department of Propedeutic of Legal Subjects for preparation of the project that shall be concentrated in legal liability of legal persons.