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Mobility programs

Our faculty is involved in European students' mobility programs since 2001, i. e. only three years after its establishment. Implementation of such program is necessarily connected with adaptation of faculty's curricula to the latest development and progress as well as to the latest requirements on alternative and innovative education which corresponds to needs of civic society. To support and develop students' mobility, the faculty has adopted the ECTS System. The faculty has also adopted its educational system in order that it corresponds to quality and quantity of knowledge the students are taught on other law faculties around the Europe. The faculty is open to all students coming from other countries, regardless their national or ethnic origin, race, sex, religion or confession, health handicap, financial status, political preference, age or sexual orientation. The faculty encourages its teachers in their initiative to open new foreign language courses. Within the recent years the faculty has considerably improved educational activities in foreign languages.

Courses in Foreign Languages

Erasmus student can choose subjects either from winter or from summer term (no matter which semester he will stay at Law Faculty Trnava university) – the actual opening of the course from summer term in winter term and vice versa depends on

(i) actual interest of students in specific course (number of student who apply to study it)

 (ii) agreement of teacher who helds the course.


List of courses