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About the library


The Library of the Law Faculty of the Trnava University is a specialized professional department of the Faculty, the purpose of which is to provide access to information and to satisfy the needs of library users with respect to information, education and scientific research by means of library information services.

The library of the Law Faculty of Trnava University offers library information services to teachers, researchers and other professionals employed by the Faculty, to students in all study programmes as well as to the professional public in the study room with free access to library resources. Library visitors must follow the Library Rules. 

The library

builds a fund of printed and electronic resources, in particular in the field of law, social sciences, specialized periodicals and UNIDROIT publications, which are processed, stored and made accessible,

registers and processes publications of teachers and researchers employed by the Faculty,

offers the following types of information services:

present use services,

information and consultation services,

electronic information services in the Faculty computer network,

processes and archives all types of scientific qualification theses defended at the Faculty,

by means of a Wi-Fi system administered by the IT department, provides a wireless connection in the study room.

The Library of the Law Faculty of the Trnava University in Trnava is part of the Trnava University Library. Its activities are regulated by the Library and Lending Rules of the Trnava University Library. The Library offers an online catalogue for the purposes of orientation in the library resources and information resources stored and made accessible by the Library.