Journal of Legal Science


Faculty of Law of University of Trnava took in 2012 decision to establish scholarly journal FORUM IURIS EUROPAEUM designed for broad forum of lawyers and scholars. Peer-reviewed journal is published biannually by Faculty of Law of University of Trnava in cooperation with Typi Universitatis Tyrnaviensis publishing house. FIE’s primary vision is to support original research and to strengthen the quality of publications by legal scientists from Slovak republic as well as by those scholars from abroad.

Among others, FIE offers to reader scientific studies and articles, contributions and ideas for discussions and reviews of scholar works from all legal fields. FIE also invites contributions from the area of religious freedom. Authors are welcome to publish interdisciplinary studies bridging legal and social sciences, too.

Promotion of international cooperation and information exchange in the postmodern technological boom of our time creates space for publishing primarily in well-established and universal scholar languages: English and German.  In addition FIE accepts contributions in Slovak and Czech language.  FIE is published both in print and electronically.

The management of Faculty of Law of University of Trnava believes that the establishment and stability of the journal depends primarily on the positive response and interest from the side of authors, contributors and readers of FIE, who will enjoy new ideas and find answers to wide range of questions. Finally, we trust FIE will contribute to their academic, educational and professional development.



                                                                       Doc. JUDr. PhDr. Adriana Švecová, PhD.

                                                                           Secretary of the Editorial Board