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Bachelor (Bc.)


The Law Faculty of Trnava University in Trnava is an important centre of legal education and legal research emphasizing Christian moral values and fundamental principles of democracy and rule of law. Its activities are focused on teaching, interpretation and application of Slovak public and private law, international law and European law. 

The Law Faculty gives the students of a three-year Bachelor (Bc.) study programme the opportunity to acquaint themselves with the fundamentals of theory and history of state and law, Roman law and current Slovak law, its application and interpretation in all branches of public law, to learn the basics of private law and to become familiar with the principles and contents and application of international law and with the contents of European law and with the methods, forms and requirements of implementation and application of European law in Slovakia. The Faculty enables the students to participate in internships in central administration offices, in particular in the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic.

The Bachelor study programme may be followed either in internal or external form. Once a student passes the final state examinations and defends his/her Bachelor thesis, the Bachelor studies in Law are completed and the academic degree Bachelor (Bc.) is awarded to the student by the University of Trnava, Law Faculty.

The graduates of the Bachelor programme in Law meeting the criteria determined by the Faculty may continue their studies in a two-year Master programme in Law and obtain the academic degree Master (Mgr.).